Past Events

Project 120 – Lacrosse Tournament

Ultimate Events and Sports is running a 120 team lacrosse tournament June 28-30, 2013 in West Chester, PA. A portion of the proceeds from this high level tournament will be generously donated to Find The Courage.  FTC looks forward to attending the premier lacrosse tournament in the nation, and seeing so many young leaders in action.



Find The Courage Runs FTC  Mentoring Program with White River Elementary School! 

For the second year in a row, Find The Courage ran its program with Vermont 3rd graders, promoting kindness, inclusion, encouragement, compassion and respect to one another. Find The Courage had Dartmouth College student-athletes volunteer with FTC instructors to help reinforce the FTC message through role plays and Q&A sessions. “It was an incredible opportunity to have collegiate athletes help us reinforce a message of kindness and compassion to elementary school students. The third graders absolutely loved working with our volunteers. The kids were actually chanting ‘F.T.C.’ as we approached their classroom,” said Executive Director, Molly Creamer. “It was moving to see the Dartmouth athletes volunteer and do such a fantastic job with our youngsters. Our role models made an impact and exemplified our message at its finest. You have a platform, and when you use it positively, you can inspire those around you to do the same.”

FTC out of your comfort zone!

Hanover High School March Intensive

Find The Courage ran an intensified three-day, 21 hour Bystander Positive Impact Program with a volunteer group of high school students during their March Intensive high school program. Students engaged in team-building activities and engaged in the FTC message.  Students created their own presentation regarding the FTC message and attended a local 3rd grade class encouraging young students on how to be kind, inclusive, encouraging, compassionate and respectful to each other at recess.  Check out the highlight video capturing the transformation of the young leaders over the course of three days!  Highlight Video


  FTC Chatham Skills & Leadership Clinic

Volunteer current and former professional basketball players teamed up with Find The Courage in Chatham, New Jersey to give a unique skills clinic focused on the intangible skills necessary for being a positive teammate.  Some of these skills included positive body language on the court and bench, helping teammates up, encouraging teammates after a mistake, high-fiving, huddling and appreciating each role within a team. Find The Courage then made the parallel of the benefit of using these same skills with classmates in school.   This clinic reached over sixty players, ranging from 2nd grade to 8th grade.  Check out the highlight video from the Find The Courage skills & leadership clinic. Some amazing volunteers were out spreading the FTC message to our future leaders! Highlight Video 


Chase Blackburn special guest for Find The Courage at Three New Jersey High Schools






3-on-3 Basketball Tournament at Dream Field






Find The Courage @ Dartmouth Women’s Basketball Clinic






Find The Courage Speaking Engagement & Flash Mob Dance – 2011 Camp