Teacher/Counselor/Administrator Testimonials

“I have been teaching high school students for twenty years, have very high standards for curriculum that is offered to my students, and can say without question that FTC is one of the most successful, positively impactful programs that I have seen. FTC is a unique, very well organized, and dynamically orchestrated program that changes individual lives and entire school climates in positive ways.” – Diane Guarino, High School Health Educator and College Professor  (FTC program partner for over three years).

“Our students really do get the message that is shared with them.   I hear them afterwards using the terminology and applying the message in other settings. It is a wonderful experience for our kids to have the older students coming and teaching them.   Thank you goes out to FTC and all the wonderful FTC students.”  ~ Susan, 3rd Grade School Counselor (FTC College Mentor program partner for over three years).

“Through group/self exploration, Find The Courage taught our teens to identify the ‘hurt’ caused by injustices – whether overt or subtle. The teens worked through scenarios such as witnessing ‘a direct confrontation,’ ‘lack of inclusion’ and ‘lack of acknowledgment. Then using the principles taught by Find the Courage, the teens began a dialog on how to safely and effectively have a positive impact on the perceived injustice. It was awesome to witness them begin to find a voice for their concerns and know that they could make a positive difference.” ~ Linda Rivers, Jack and Jill Organization, Mercer County Chapter 2014

“Thank you so much for coming into our classroom and sharing your program with us. The kids LOVED it and got a lot out of it. I loved how you modeled appropriate behaviors and then had kids practice them. The strategies you taught are great life-long lessons on how to support each other and be a good person. You did it in such a supportive and positive way. It fit right into our theme of community. The energy you gave was contagious and really motivating to kids. Thanks again…if given the chance, I would love to have you come back and work with my class again!” – 5th Grade teacher – Vermont 2013

“I think that having college students come in to our elementary school to work with our students is so powerful. Children often hear messages about being kind from their parents and teachers, but hearing the message from college kids takes it to another level! I love how students had to think about who looks up to them and think about how they impact others. It was great to give kids simples ways to make a positive impact without even using words: making eye-contact, smile, waving, high fives, etc.The role plays made a positive impact on the students and having specific language for the students to practice is helpful. Students at all ages need practice saying , “Are you okay?” and “You didn’t deserve that.” A great program for students to learn life-long skills!” – Elementary school teacher – Vermont 2013

“The West Morris Regional School District, comprising two high schools, has benefited tremendously from its association with the Find The Courage anti-bullying program insofar as the program offers a specific toolkit for teachers to share with students that transcends developmental levels.  In addition, the specificity of the lessons provides teachers consistent methodology for implementing the programs yet a district, such as ours, can choose to tailor the program to its own culture.  The program works for students because it combines a variety of approaches including inspirational messages from professional athletes and entertainers, the opportunity to role play, a focus on key concepts having to do with leadership, courage, and tolerance, and most importantly, a toolkit in the form of the Courageous 7 that provides students with specific, realistic actions that they can take as the bystander to intervene in the event that they encounter an incident of bullying.  While the anti-bullying movement is in its infancy, I do believe that a program, such as FTC, does make a difference in systematically looking to arm students with the skills needed to establish a positive school climate.” – David Leigh, Psy.D, Director of Special Services, West Morris Regional School District (NJ)   11/13/2012

College Mentor Program Testimonials: 

“My involvement in Find the Courage has been a true blessing. There are few things more heart warming than seeing kids apply the lessons they’ve learned through the program to uplift and support others. Their kindness, inclusivity, and respect will undoubtedly impact the world in a positive way.” – Kaitana Martinez, FTC Mentor, Dartmouth College ’16

“It’s hard to wrap Find the Courage is in a sentence or two! I would say FTC reaches out at a critical time in the lives of these kiddos and reinforces the simple message of kindness. Working with FTC has also challenged me to think about how I engage with others on my team, on campus, and in my community. My favorite part is when a child volunteers an answer to a question and you can tell that they just get it. It is amazing to see kids realize they have the power to be positive agents of change for the culture of their school!” ~ Sarah Bennett, FTC Mentor, Dartmouth College ’16

“I really enjoyed working with the high school kids. It was awesome to see them run through their own scenarios based on the FTC prompts and do so in a way that actually showed they were understanding why something was happening, rather than just going through the motions for the sake of the activity. I can totally see them transferring those skills into their schools and classrooms on a daily basis.” – Adam Frank, FTC Mentor, Dartmouth College ’15

High School Testimonials 2015 

“I loved Find The Courage. I always want to be the person to make a stand but was to scared. But now, I have the tools and I think I can do it.” – Anonymous High School Sophomore 2015

“I loved this program! All of the materials and class time were very upbeat and supportive.” – Anonymous High School Sophomore 2015

“The FTC program has definitely changed my life. Before FTC, I would always get defensive when one of my friends acted out, and I would end up aggravating the situation by ignoring their feelings. Through FTC, I’ve learned that just because someone acts mean, it doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person. Everyone goes through their own hardships in their private lives, and sometimes they take it out on others without meaning to. FTC has made me more understanding of that and most of all, it has made me aware of the lives of everyone around me. I’ve learned to be more sensitive to people who say something that upsets me.” – High School Senior ‘ 2015

” The Big (Courageous) 7 is huge. I love it. Just an inspiring and refreshing week overall. Reminded me to keep it kind. ” – Anonymous High School Sophomore 2015

” I learned how to stand up.”- Anonymous High School Sophomore 2015

“Working with the college mentors was definitely inspiring. It made the whole program a lot more real to me. It showed me that finding the courage goes so far beyond high school and into college or even after college. Hearing everyone’s stories, even stories from fellow high schoolers, opened my eyes to how easily we can inspire others to be good leaders and do the right thing.” – High School Junior 2014 

“I found the program inspiring. I thought that I knew it all before, but it inspired me to actually stand up.” – Anonymous High School Sophomore 2014

“After going through the FTC program I will be more mindful of others and I won’t be afraid to stand for something I feel is right.”- High School Sophomore 2014

Middle School Testimonials

“I most enjoyed how we could look up to the high schoolers and hear their stories.  I learned that I’m not the only one who struggles in school and how people often feel.”- 7th grade student 2014

“It was a place where we could express hardships, and get feedback without people making fun.”  – 7th grade student 2014

3rd Grade Testimonials 

“Thank you. This program is EPIC. Show the curage.” – 3rd Grader, FTC College Mentor Program 2015

“I like it wen show the courage people come” – 3rd Grader, FTC College Mentor Program 2015

“ I’m learning to be kind to people in find the courage. I’m teaching my friends that to.” – 3rd Grader, FTC College Mentor Program 2015

“Thank you for starting Find The Courage and thank you for the cool bracelets. I am glad I’m part of this program. I hope I can always find the courage to stand up for others.” – 3rd Grader, FTC College Mentor Program 2015

“Thank you for the braclets. I am learning to stand up for kids that are being bulled by someone else and build them up.” – 3rd Grader, FTC College Mentor Program 2015

“In Find The courage I lern to care for people besides me.” – 3rd Grader, FTC College Mentor Program 2015

“ I learnd to Find The Courage and be happy. Don’t be mean. And be nice.” – 3rd Grader, FTC College Mentor Program 2015